Q. Which Tentsile model suits me best?
Q. Where is Tentsile HQ?
Q. What are the main differences between the Stingray and the Vista?
Q. Do you ship to my location?
Q. How much does shipping cost to my country?
Q. Are there any extra charges?
Q. I want to become part of the Tentsile movement; do you have an Affiliate / Ambassador scheme I can join?
Q. How do I set up a TENTSILE Connect?
Q. How do I set up a TENTSILE Flite?
Q. How much weight will they hold?
Q. Do the trees need to be in a perfect equilateral triangle for Tentsile to work?
Q. What is the minimum and maximum distance Tentsile needs between trees?
Q. Does the Tentsile come with a waterproof rain fly sheet?
Q. I have read reviews that state the Stingray is not rain proof. Is it?!
Q. When sleeping, is there a lot of movement if someone moves around in the tent?
Q. How do I retighten my Tentsile's floor?
Q. How do I use a Ratchet?
Q. A ratchet buckle is damaged / deformed / not locking. What should I do?
Q. How do I release the Ratchet buckle without getting caught with your fingers in it?
Q. Is the ladder included in the price?
Q. Can I put my tent up really high and how do we do it?
Q. Can Tentsile be pitched on the ground like a normal tent?
Q. Need to Repair your Tentsile?
Q. I bought my Tentsile from a US retailer, who should I contact for help?
Q. Can I be a TENTSILE distributor in my country / state?
Q. I love the tents and want to shoot a video for you. Can I get a free tent?
Q. Are you going to produce a lightweight version?
Q. Are you bringing out a one man version?
Q. Where does the name 'Tentsile' come from?
Q. Are these zombie proof?